Botanical Garden

The Ark Botanical Garden comprises an ethnobotanical experience offered by The Green Ark Foundation and is located next to the Barva Volcano overlooking the Central Valley. With an altitude of 1200 meters and a growing season throughout the year, this botanical garden of 7.5 hectares has a multitude of plant varieties.

More than 1000 varieties including collections of bamboo, palm trees, fruit trees and 300 medicinal plants are available. From our garden you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, and the different species of birds and butterflies that find refuge in our land.



When visiting the garden, learning starts with a visit to our thematic ethnobotanical garden terraces- a Medicinal Garden, a Culinary Garden, a Tropical Food Garden (Milpa), an Essential Oils Garden, and a Natural Colorants Garden.

Unguided Walks and Guided Tours

If you just want to walk around and explore our garden, you can enjoy an unguided walk using our garden map as your guide while you stroll at your own pace, feeling one with nature while listening to the sounds of birds, feeling a fresh mountain breeze and learning about plants species growing in our well preserved garden, or book a tour with one of our Botanists.

Gardens and Botanical Collections

More than 1.600 species of ornamental plants and fruits from many regions of the world are found throughout the garden. Only at the Green Ark Botanical Garden can you find such diversity during a short two hour walk.